Our Digital Training Courses

In the Digital Basics course you will learn:

  • What is Digital Transformation and how to start it
  • The 3 phases of Digital Transformation
  • Why agility is essential in Digital Transformation
  • The most important Digital Technology in a nutshell (AI, RPA, Analytics, IoT, Cloud, ML, BigData, SmartApps, BlockChain)
  • Top 10 Digital Technology trends and top investments

In the Artificial Intelligence Basics course you will learn:

  • What AI is and what is the reason behind the AI´s growth
  • How AI will have influence on workplaces
  • How traditional programming differs from AI programming
  • How AI correlates with machine learning, data analytics, RA, IoT, Intelligent apps and immersive technologies
  • AI project steps and benefits of AI projects

In the Software Robotics Basics course you will learn:

  • What RPA is and what has influenced RPA’s growth in workplaces
  • How RPA Correlates with AI
  • How to choose RPA automation candidates and what are RPA project steps
  • RPA benefits and RPA vendors

In the Capturing Digital Possibilities course you will learn:

  • Different types of corporate strategies and how digital master plan binds all these strategies together
  • Typical corporate strategies and what disruptiveness is
  • Typical lessons learnt of Transformation projects
  • Examples of how to use digitalisation in various organisational departments

In the steering and Optimizing Transformation course you will learn:

  • How to Steer and Optimize Transformation via a common vision
  • How to draft Your own organisation’s digital master plan (by using well structured templates covering all the important aspects of Digi-Transformation)

Pick Your own topic

This course is a special course that will be designed in collaboration with the customer. The topic can be e.g. a new tool, process or practice to be trained to fit and help the organisation.