Digital Transformation trainings


We provide Digital Transformation trainings that are a result of academic and practical research conducted (2016-17) at Aalto University in Finland. Read: <Doctoral Thesis>Our trainings are organized to follow Your Digital Transformation progress. See here more of our transformation trainings:  Stage-1-trainings Stage-2-trainings Stage-3-trainings.


Characteristics of Digital Transformation

The process that leads organizations into Digital era is called Digital Business Transformation. Digital Business Transformation (or Digital Transformation for short) is defined as “the use of digital technologies to radically improve a company’s performance“.

Radical improvements are achieved from the “combinatorial” effects of new digital technologies (e.g. mobile, cloud, robotics, artificial intelligence, social media, sensors and analytics, among others).  Companies that learn to effectively use combinations of new digital technologies can expect to improve in one or more of three areas: Customer enhancements, Streamlined operations and/or new lines of business or business models. Regardless which area the company chooses to improve, it needs to learn to plan, steer and improve its Digital Transformation process continuously.

Our trainings are designed to follow these principles as we have divided Digital Transformation in three stages: Planning (Capture Digital Possibilities in Stage-1), Steering (Create and steer Digital Masterplan in Stage-2) and Continuous Improvement (Deploy Agile Culture in Stage-3).