Need to crystallize Your Digital future?


Our Digital trainings will help Your company to clarify Your real Digital needs, to create a unified Digital future and to systematically run Your Digital Transformation program.


Our trainings are tailored to follow Your Digital Transformation progress and are built on PhD Riitta Bekkhus’s Doctoral Dissertation on “How to steer Digital Transformation” at Aalto University (2017) and over 100 ICT steering model projects.


————- STAGE-1-TRAININGS ————-  

Digital Basics  

Software Robotics Basics 

Artificial Intelligence Basics

Capturing Digital Possibilities

————- STAGE-2-TRAININGS ————-            

Steering Transformation

————- STAGE-3-TRAININGS ————- 

Optimizing Transformation



Our step-by-step Digital trainings keep You on the right track

Even digitalization enables new fantastic opportunities, planning and managing Your Digital Transformation can feel overwhelming. It is far too easy to “loose the track” by getting over-exited of new technological possibilities, underestimating organizational behavioural issues or simply forgetting real customer needs. To avoid these pitfalls, we have created a step-by-step training program that follows Your Digital Transformation progress and helps You: 

  • To create a clear vision for Your digital future 
  • To build a common digital understanding throughout Your organization    
  • To orchestrate and ensure profitability of Your digital investments
  • To build Digital Agile practices to create customer friendly digital services
  • To lower Your production costs